Agritecture announced a strategic investment by Priva. Founded by Henry Gordon-Smith in 2011, Agritecture is known as an advisory firm on urban and controlled environment agriculture (CEA). The firm offers a range of services to farmers, technology suppliers, startups, multinationals, investors, and real estate developers - all aimed at making agriculture economically feasible, resilient to climate change, and powered by data-driven strategies.

Priva understands and shares Agritecture's mission to accelerate and empower the transition to smarter and more resilient agriculture. Founded in 1959, Priva has had its hand in thousands of successful projects around the world. But the Priva leadership hasn't stopped there. CEO Meiny Prins also leads the Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation, which seeks to inspire and support (mega)cities to become food-producing cities.

Meiny Prins, CEO & Co-Owner of Priva, and Henry Gordon Smith, Founder & CEO of Agritecture, at Expo 2020 Dubai 

"A food-producing city is a livable city in many ways. It will boost entrepreneurship and social cohesion while creating a healthy and green environment. Climate change combined with the way most of our food is still being produced will be disastrous. So we need to speed up professional and scalable local food production. Entrepreneurs and skilled growers applying proven technology are key. That's why Priva supports the vision of Agritecture and believes that with our partnership, we can work together toward this rewarding perspective for a better quality of life, solving many environmental problems along the way," said Meiny Prins, CEO & Co-Owner of Priva.

"We are proud to deepen our partnership with global leader Priva through this strategic investment. Our shared vision is bold, and we know that we can achieve it faster and better together. We are looking forward to bringing Priva's wide range of control solutions for climate, water, energy, and labor to a wider audience through our software and our services," said Henry Gordon Smith, founder, and CEO of Agritecture.

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