At present, the Sino-French Eco-City Cultural and Sports Activity Center is under construction on the west bank of the Gaoluo River and on the north side of Qinrun Avenue. It will be completed and opened in 2023, with theaters, libraries, science and technology museums, and cultural centers. By then, it will effectively meet the cultural needs of the Sino-French Eco-city and even the people of Caidian.

It is understood that a green leisure platform will be built on the roof of the building, which is a roof structure with a curved special-shaped structure. Citizens can follow a "greenway" from the Gaoluo River ecological corridor to this roof garden. The project has one underground floor and four floors above ground, with a maximum building height of 23.6 meters.

In order to integrate with the natural landscape of the Gaoluo River Ecological Corridor, the side of the project adjacent to the Gaoluo River is no longer a traditional glass curtain wall but an ecological green wall using vertical greening technology to put "green clothes" on the outer wall. The 30,000-square-meter rooftop park will be planted with low shrubs, meadows, and large trees in some areas.

There is a circular "greenway" on the roof of the curved special-shaped structure. Visitors can directly climb up to the roof garden along this "greenway" from the wetland park and enjoy the panoramic view of the wetland.

Source: Caidian Convergence Media