A lot is going on in Canada, and both automation and crop optimization are hot topics. Growers want to make most of the available resources. Cees de Groot with Plantech Control Systems Inc. has been helping growers with this for many years.

Since December 2021, Ashish Kumar joined the Plantech sales team as a sales account manager.

Together Cees and Ashish are responsible for the sales of Aweta pack house automation, Wanjet spray robots, Priva climate control systems, Vostermans ventilation equipment Buitendijk-Slaman logistic systems, Signify grow lights, Javo pot and tray filling automation.

Before joining the Plantech sales team, Ashish graduated from the University of South Wales in Cardiff with a master’s degree, and he had a career in technical sales in his home country India. For these reasons, he is a great fit in our team, Cees de Groot says. “Ashish is not from the greenhouse industry and therefore completely new, but very quickly picked up what’s important for growers and what sales is  about.”

Cees adds how Ashish, being 35, is from a different generation than himself. “In addition to being tech-savvy, he’s also used to working with modern technologies and social media, which is not only very beneficial to Plantech but also really adds to my capabilities.”

After a period of traveling together and introducing Ashish to the greenhouse industry in Ontario and parts of Quebec, Ashish is now fully independent traveling through Canada’s well-known greenhouse areas, searching for new projects.

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