Agriculture technology startup Red Sea Farms is planning to widen the scope of its greenhouse space in Saudi Arabia to 100 hectares in the next three years, said a top executive of the company.

Simon Roopchand, Red Sea Farms’ new global COO and regional CEO of the Middle East, said: “We have an expansion plan for the Kingdom that will take us to over 100 hectares of greenhouse space in the next three years.” The company hopes to achieve 30 hectares of desert farm operations by the end of this year and has already started cultivating snack tomatoes and snack pepper in the Kingdom.

“Our objective is to expand the produce business to cater to the region’s market and ensure that we have the right quality of locally grown produce,” said Roopchand.

With the low supply of berries in the region, the company is currently experimenting with producing a wide range of locally grown berries in their greenhouses.

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