When Stockholm's Ica Maxi store wanted to become self-sufficient in leafy greens, they chose Swegreen's in-store cultivation system. Construction is in full swing, and cultivation is expected to start in August.

"We at Ica Maxi Lindhagen have high ambitions and are keen to stay at the forefront. Both in terms of offering our customers a range of products and a unique experience. By investing in our own in-store cultivation, we are showing that sustainability is a priority for us," says Ica Maxi Lindhagen's retailer Fredrik Rister.

The partnership between Swegreen and Ica Maxi Lindhagen means that the store will be the first grocery store in Stockholm to offer local crops grown from seed to finished plant inside the store. With the digitally monitored, climate-smart in-store cultivation, Ica Maxi Lindhagen will be able to offer its customers freshly harvested, day-fresh, and climate-smart grown herbs and lettuces every day, all year round - which also have not been transported to reach the store shelf.

"Our customers are conscious consumers who like to put locally produced and healthy food in their shopping baskets. It doesn't get any closer than this when they can now even buy vegetables grown on site in the store. And in such a climate-friendly way," says Fredrik Rister.

Food sold in Swedish retail stores has often traveled several thousand kilometers before it ends up on the end consumers' plate, while our greens have not been transported at all. Aside from this, our advanced growing technology enables producing crops with better quality, shelf-life, and texture - and even better taste and a higher nutritional value, says Swegreen's CEO Pierre Mohlin.

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