On the 1st of June, Bram Tjalma started his new position as Sales Manager at Glowfarms, a Dutch vertical farming company.

Previously Bram worked as International Food Trader at Gourmet B.V., a Dutch company involved in the onion trade, growing, packaging and distribution. Bram said, "I am looking forward to diving into the world of vertical farming and contributing to a more sustainable world!" 

Bram Tjalma

The Dutch start-up is currently finalizing its production system and is ready to expand from a 140m2 farm into a 3000m2 facility, which will be located near distribution centers in the North of the Netherlands. 

Glowfarms uses its own unique vertical cultivation system, which is, in fact, a large conveyor belt moving 10cm an hour. It is filled with small plants at the start, and it takes 24 days for the conveyor to get to the end, where the large plants can be harvested.

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Bram Tjalma, Sales manager