Clearwater Marine Aquarium went through a multimillion-dollar expansion in 2020, updating the facility and moving to rescue and rehabilitate even more sea life.

They also welcomed some new and old experiences back to the general public, including one extremely hands-on project that allows guests to see just how their marine biologists work with one of their most prominent and popular residents — sea turtles. 

Washing and prepping a host of different fruits and vegetables in the kitchen at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a pretty routine task for marine biologist Emma Jones. However, Jones isn't just any marine biologist. She specifically works with sea turtles. 

"To be able to live out our mission here at the aquarium is really something special," Jones said. "It's also cool to be able to relate our guests to our animals and show people what they can do to help animals that are out in our natural environments."

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