Dutch scale-up Growfoam will present its completely new lineup of growing substrates at Greentech Amsterdam this year. The well-known foam growing plugs are redesigned from the ground up with even softer foam and improved cutouts, allowing roots to penetrate easier and leading to higher fresh weights.

Also new are growfoam sheets. Thin sheets of foam are specifically designed for rucola and microgreen cultivation. The optimal water-to-air ratio guarantees consistent growth and higher yields. Compared to traditional sheet substrates, the growfoam sheets are easy to handle, sow and harvest and are ready for automation.

Growfoam shapes are the latest innovation from Groningen, a form-free foam substrate that can be customized for a perfect system fit for every grower. Shapes are suitable for leafy greens, young plants, and pharmaceutical crops and can be used as a replacement for substrates in traditional greenhouses.

You can find Growfoam at Greentech, booth 05.411

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