“Our goal was to create a lighting control solution for research purposes with unlimited possibilities,” says Csaba Mesterházy, Owner of Ledium. The company has just recently started installing their products at the ATK Research Institute in Hungary after dealing with delays due to the well-known chip shortages. Now, they are finally ready to offer their solution to other indoor growers, universities, and research institutes. With research and cultivation optimization in mind, the company wanted to create a controller that is unique on the market and suitable for as many growers as possible.

How does it work?
“We created a lighting controller with research projects and growers in mind. As we have learned in the past years, you cannot be precise enough when you want to obtain the best results with your plants. Now you can be accurate. Now you have a Spectral Synthesiser,” explains Csaba. “The LediumGrow is a robust, industrial grade integrated hardware and controlling software, making it the best choice for conscious growers. With many connection possibilities, hardware-level lighting calculation, watchdog systems, and advanced software solutions, we believe to have created the ideal solution.”

Ledium’s goal was to create a unique lighting control solution for research purposes with unlimited possibilities. “It is unique on the market because it works with any lights, including LED luminaires and on/off lights, such as UV tubes, HPS bulbs, fluorescent tubes, etc. Every lighting device should be measured with a spectrophotometer, and the light data should be uploaded to the controller. You can make WYSIWYG color mixing with real live spectrum charts in your browser and make unlimited light recipes and mixes, with an advanced timing system.”

With the controller, the grower is able to record or make their target light recipe, place them on a timeline, make a mixture with the available lights, and run their projects. At the moment, the controller is being used at the ATK Research Institute in Hungary, and the company will soon be working on more projects, such as one in Austria. “Our special hardware will also control other types of equipment, like HVAC, irrigation in the future, and in the GUI, we could implement these requirements rather easily. Of course, we are also happy to offer tailor-made lighting solutions to suit any growth chamber, vertical farm, or research project.”

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