OASIS Grower Solutions (OGS) has recently bolstered its product management team to include Mary Bruns as its new Global Product Manager. As the Global Product Manager for OASIS Grower Solutions, Mary will be responsible for guiding a cross-functional team charged with developing the OASIS Grower product line.

Helping to build products from existing ideas/projects, Mary will also help develop new ideas based on industry experience and contact with customers, as well as realizing untapped sales potential. She will also oversee managing the OASIS Grower Solutions sustainability plan, projects, and endeavors. 

With an extensive background in product and account management, a Master of Business Administration in Marketing from Kent State University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business/Marketing and Merchandising from Bowling Green State University, Mary will bring a wealth of experience to bear for OGS.  

“We’re excited to add Mary to our team. Her insight gained from working with OASIS in the past, as well as her most recent product and account management experience, make her uniquely qualified to make a difference for the company and our customers,” states Bill Riffey, Global Director of OASIS Grower Solutions. 

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