A Jordanian man has transformed his father’s abandoned nursery in west Amman into a family-run food sustainability project with the aid of the Dutch bucket system. Dutch bucket is a hydroponic system that uses two or more connected containers for growing plants indoors. “The whole idea of the system is that it is water efficient,” said Abdullah Mahmoud. 

“I decided to invest in this old plant nursery to ensure food sustainability, especially with the ongoing poultry, vegetable, and grain price increases,” Mahmoud, 43, told. Mahmoud aims to secure his household’s food needs by growing all the produce they consume throughout the year. “I’m currently growing peppers, tomatoes, okra, green leaves and mangos, passion fruit, and many more,” he added.

A plant is grown in each of the buckets, he said, noting that the main advantage of Dutch buckets is that plants grow vertically. The Dutch bucket system allows plants to be scaled to virtually any size.

Mahmoud said that a greenhouse already existed in the nursery before the project, which according to Mahmoud, is the major expense when it comes to hydroponics.

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