For the first time, Berry, Organifarm's harvesting robot for strawberries, was revealed to the public. After two years of development, the product was now market-ready. During the GreenTech fair in Amsterdam, visitors got a first glance at what Berry has to offer. The robot is able to autonomously navigate through the greenhouse and switch rows. It offers high precision and checks the quality of each fruit before harvesting. Picked strawberries are directly weighed and placed into punnets. The robot can store up to 8 crates to increase the overall harvesting speed. This means that around 40 kilograms of fruit can be transported until Berry has to return to be emptied.

"This storage system is very efficient, as the robot does not have to return to a base to empty the punnets. This saves us a lot of time in the harvesting process", adds Marian Bolz, our co-founder, and CTO.

Additionally, the company has won the GreenTech Innovation Award in the concept category.

"We are overwhelmed by the interest in us and our product," says Dominik Feiden, our co-founder and CEO, "it shows how much automation and solutions for current challenges in agriculture are needed."

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