The Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture, a U.S.-based company that supports the growth of the vertical and indoor farming industry, announced a new water quality and management service headed by Dr. Erick Bandala, an environmental scientist. The new service focuses on the sustainable use of water for indoor vertical farms, greenhouses, and urban farms, as well as water safety and quality. Services include water quality testing and assessment, contaminant identification and source assessment, wastewater treatment, and reuse, and water treatment system identification and evaluation.

Services also include advanced bacterial testing and analytics, as well as the detection of chemicals such as PFAS. More info is available at Eric W. Stein, Ph.D., founder and Executive Director of the Center of Excellence, notes, “Water is the lifeblood of all farms. Having a quality water supply that is effectively managed is essential to running a sustainable, efficient, and safe indoor farm.

The Center is proud to offer this service to the industry under the direction of Dr. Bandala.” Dr. Bandala observes, “Indoor farms are well-known for saving significant amounts of water while growing plants compared to conventional farms. However, much less is known about how water use may affect indoor farm operations or the quality of the product. I am excited to join the Center to help indoor growers solve water quality-related problems, improve water efficiency, and to reduce their overall use of water for operations.” 

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