Ten more Demetra containers for vertical farming will be installed at the company Eas Tibia in Oristano, Italy. The company already has a Vertical farming container where it grows certified ginger, while in the next facility, it will grow hemp for pharmaceutical use.

"This is a unique facility so far, with 5 containers placed in front of 5 others and a central corridor. The previous experience with the ginger container satisfied the customer so much that he decided to invest further in 10 new Demetras," explained Greatit owner Daniele Bertocchi.

The design of this new facility took over two months, with the cooperation of Greatit's partners (Monti srl, Idroterm Serre, C-Led...), and the facility is expected to start operations in a couple of months.

Daniele Bertocchi

Giuseppe Vacca, owner of Eas Tibia, confirmed how much innovation comes precisely from vertical farming in containers. "For our ginger cultivation, we use the Demetra container as an acclimatization zone for the development of the seedlings," he begins, "we use the container. We are now facing this new venture with 10 new hemp containers. Our vision is based on staying green, which is why we also produce energy through photovoltaics."


Again, Bertocchi had further confirmation of Greatit's vision. "There is no one-size-fits-all recipe. Each company is its own case. It is necessary to evaluate together with the entrepreneur the economic convenience by designing a project together. This is how it worked with Eas Tibia as well, by assessing together with the customer the best solution to meet their needs."

At a time when farms continue to disappear, and statistics indicate that only one-third of small businesses have a designated successor in the family, innovation can provide an answer. "Many young people are unwilling to make a significant financial investment in an industry that requires them to devote long hours and significant physical effort for little reward. There is a need for a new generation of farmers to provide the local food we seek. Demetra goes in this direction," concluded the agronomist.

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