This month, Click and Grow introduces Dayna, a herbal guru and Click & Grower from Portland, Oregon! Dayna talked to us about the importance of gardening in her life and what it means to grow her own food.

Dayna has been growing with Click & Grow since 2020. "I've enjoyed the journey of adapting to a more natural way of self-sustainability, and I've especially enjoyed having an outlet to be creative in our growing endeavors! Creating recipes of many kinds using fresh herbs, vegetables, and leafy greens has been truly fulfilling and delicious." 

"To me, gardening is more than just a hobby - it's a way of life. It's the hope for what tomorrow may bring; gifts of nature unlike anything else, inspiring motivation with gratifying results, and an opportunity for self-sustainable living. Gardening has played a crucial role in my life since adolescence. Teachings passed down from my grandmother to myself and now to my children are lifelong lessons that are cherished among the entire family. It allows each one of us to understand the importance of growing our own food." 

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