Finnish propagator Oy Sigg-Plant Ab was established back in 1955. During the last 15 years they have grown rapidly and are now active on a total of eight different markets in Scandinavia, the Baltic states and Poland where they delivered over 6 million young plants in 2021.

Figure 1. Grafting of tomatoes 

“We are only producing indoor vegetable crops, no ornamentals nor flowers. Most of our plants are delivered ready to be planted in the customers’ greenhouse, but during the last years we have also seen a growing demand for semi-processed grafted tomatoes. These are delivered grafted, transplanted and pinched either to other propagators or to growers who propagate their own plants. Due to our focused product range, we have been able to make this investment as we know what our main products will be in the coming years”, says Export Manager Mårten Grandell.

Figure 2. Grading of tomatoes. 

After an expansion done between 2020-2021 together with i.e., Flier Systems and Bosman van Zaal where production effectivization through automation was the main point, they are now able to produce 40% more plants than before the expansion. The expansion also focused on getting a more even quality of the deliveries, which has been fulfilled by the new automation delivered by Flier Systems and Bosman van Zaal.

Figure 3. Logistical system with overhead cranes. 

“In addition to the advantage of being able to produce more plants per m², the automation also makes it possible for us to propagate our plants with less manual handling, which is a big advantage when it comes to dealing with the threats of viruses. Now we are only handling the plants manually at grafting and transplanting, which is great as we are really focused on hygiene and handling plants manually is always a risk”, says CEO Tommy Sigg.                                                              

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