Since this week, Organic Shapes BV has been the first in the world to obtain the "OK biobased" 4-star certificate from TŪV AUSTRIA for its stabilized organic substrates. This certification system is based on the European standard EN 16785-1, which provides for an independent assessment of the claims for bio-based ingredients of products.

"We are very proud that we are OK biobased certified," says Erik de Ruiter, co-founder and R&D manager of Organic Shapes. "Certainly also because we obtained the highest possible score with 4 stars." Organic Shapes is a young and innovative Dutch company specializing in stabilized substrates. They now supply worldwide to customers in various segments of professional horticulture, such as vegetables, floriculture, annuals, and perennials, but also in emerging markets such as hydroponics and Vertical Farming.

The R&D department plays an important role within Organic Shapes. "In close consultation with our customers, we are constantly innovating and improving our products and production methods. One of the topics that is high on the agenda within our company is sustainability. For example, we supply guaranteed peat-free substrate at the request of the customer. The fact that we have now obtained the TŪV AUSTRIA certificate is a nice reward for the work we have done and is certainly not the end point for us, as we are striving for an even more technologically advanced and sustainable product," says de Ruiter.

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