Two Nelson Mandela University (NMU) graduates intend to use their new innovative agriculture skills in the rural Eastern Cape communities where they grew up to assist with food security in a resource-scarce region.

Sinazo Tomose, from Cacadu, and Unathi Mgcebele, from East London, were awarded their diplomas in agricultural management after doing extensive research and gaining valuable work experience in the field of aquaponics.

They were able to complete their studies thanks to the internships they secured with the nonprofit organization INMED SA, which is a  company focused on developing programs for food security, child and community health, and social development through agricultural education.

For Tomoso, 23, her interest in crop production stems from her grandparents’ subsistence farm back home. “There was never enough food and a high rate of poverty, which there still is today,” she said. “I chose a career in agriculture because I want to help improve people’s lives and food security by producing enough food for the growing population and the less fortunate.

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