A topping-out ceremony has been held at Discovery Park to mark the external build of the fourth vertical farm for company GrowUp – and the start of recruitment for farm operatives.

The ceremony marked the handover of the building to complete the internal fit-out of the farm. GrowUp Farms has spent almost a decade perfecting products and honing growing expertise across three vertical farms, selling restaurant-quality greens that stay fresher longer. They grow crops year-round in a controlled environment, where the climate provides the plants with perfect conditions.

Kate Hofman, GrowUp’s co-founder, welcomed councilors from Dover and Sandwich as part of the ceremony. An Egremont Russet apple tree will be planted along with other British heritage varieties as part of the landscaping around the farm.

Construction of GrowUp’s fourth farm started in early January, and the farm is expected to begin delivering its first harvest of ready-to-eat salad leaves to UK supermarket shelves early next year. The farm is connected to on-site renewable energy, which means it grows food with a lighter environmental footprint and a more resilient supply chain.

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