From a first visualization to a finished sculpture within three months. In the summer of 2021, Daniel Podmirseg, CEO of the Vertical Farm Institute, asked Roland Sier to join a project. Roland is no stranger to hydroponic farming as he has an extensive background in hydroponic consulting and plant production and currently works as a Nutrient solution expert at LjusgĂ„rda AB, a Swedish vertical farming company. 

The project was aimed at creating a vertical farm demonstration for the Technical Museum in Vienna. Soon that resulted in some brainstorming sessions, and the design was quickly determined.

The sketch and Roland with the final design

"What happened was a super quick design and research part to make operations as cool as possible, as well as applying as much automation as possible. Now, it's possible for visitors to get a glimpse of future food production, combined with an exciting design," Roland shared proudly.

Other organizations that took part in designing the project are HortAgra, SANlight, University of Soil Culture Vienna, the Technical Museum of Vienna, General Laser, Herbeus Greens, Weidenauer Jungpflanzen (Young plants) and Scherr Jungpflanzen. 

In order for the plants to grow, the system provides them with LED light, water, and macro- and micronutrients that are applied via Vienna high spring water and oxygen. "The experimental sculpture is in a permanent process of transformation. Each time you visit the museum, you will perceive the plants differently," says Daniel. 

Still enough time to visit for now, as the sculpture is on display until the end of August. 

For more information:
Roland Sier, Hydroponic consultant 

Daniel Podmirseg, CEO 
Vertical Farm Institute