The Aquaponics Association announces the theme of the 11th Annual Aquaponics Conference: Ecosystems for Change.

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Ecosystems for Change has a double meaning. The theme refers to both a recirculating aquaponic ecosystem of fish, plants, and bacteria; and also the aquaponic community ecosystem of growers and researchers exchanging knowledge and stories from across the globe.

Aquaponic system ecosystems for change
The aquaponic ecosystem of recirculating fish, plants, and bacteria is changing the way we grow our food and how we think about our food. This symbiotic ecosystem drastically reduces the amount of inputs and wasteful outputs of an agricultural system. The recirculating nature of an aquaponic system allows growers to utilize all nutrients and water.

Aquaponic community ecosystems for change
Each year, the Conference draws aquaponic growers of all shapes and sizes from over 25 countries. Every Conference has four learning tracks to cater to all types of growers: Commercial, Research, Community, and STEM Education. We all learn from each other because we have all come to aquaponics from different walks of life.

It is marvelous to see conversations between small home-growers with backyard systems, large commercial growers with acre-sized greenhouses, and elementary school teachers working on their next lesson plan.

Group photo from the recent Annual Conference in Frankfort, KY  

Just like a physical aquaponic system, this diverse community is critical to the expansion of aquaponics. We discuss how we can expand our influence and reach new policy-makers, funders, and future growers.

The Conference will feature three days of aquaponics presentations, tours, social events, breakout discussions, and the Aquaponics Vendor Showroom.

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