To say that the last few years have been challenging for the restaurant industry would be a gross understatement. Restaurateurs have endured a global pandemic, protracted lockdowns, and now a seemingly intractable supply chain crisis. The good news, though, is that there is hope on the horizon, both in the seeming abatement of the pandemic and in the introduction of exciting new technologies that may very well revolutionize the restaurant supply chain as we know it.

Restaurants and food producers alike are unleashing the power of the IoT to enable near-constant monitoring of the entire supply chain — from smart farm tech to table. For example, sensors installed on farmlands can provide ongoing surveillance of growing conditions, such as evaluating the condition of the soil or alerting growers to early signs of insect infestations.

From the producers’ side, this means that, with a strong internet network and well-placed agritech sensors, farmers will have more power than ever before to create and maintain ideal growing conditions. This helps to prevent crop failures and ensures that producers can more accurately assess the timing and size of their harvest — an essential attribute of effective supply chain management.

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