"Nowadays, farmers are working with unique and specific varieties. Agortus has a well-developed range of tailored seeds  for vertical farmers and microgreen growers. There are even specifications on seed quality for individual growers," says Olof H. Christerson, director of Agortus.

Olof H. Christerson

Every successful production starts from the seeds
Agortus is a company located in the south of Sweden and has been supplying, selling seeds, and consulting growers since 2004. "Guess, we are kind of unique in this regard," says Olof H Christerson. Tailormade varieties, qualities, and preparations designed for the unique grower being vertical-, greenhouse- microgreens-, and sprouts growers. Agortus background is in plants, seeds, and seed preparation. "To be able to help the growers, we do also need being very knowledgeable around the whole production; i.e., nutrients, substrate, light, plant breeding methods used and genetics," says Olof. 

Unique seed lot for each individual grower
Agortus provides various plant varieties with each optimum performance. Besides, Agortus consults growers regarding optimum sowing methods for each grower's own preferred substrate.

Dedicated solutions
"Our goal is to have the best possible seeding material for the farmer. It is a big challenge. There is not just one process or technical yielding optimal quality for the grower. At Agortus, we are applying our knowledge in the entire production chain to reach the best quality" Agortus mentions steps like everything from parent lines and genetics, variety, fertigation, storing, sampling, analysis, storage, transports, and quality handling. It all contributes to the quality seen and appreciated by the consumer.

Focus on vertical farming 
"Growers have given Agortus a very good response to our ideas, material, and knowledge. Vertical farming is just starting. It is a necessary growing method for urban areas. Production with vertical farms is most sustainable and so essential for our world," he added. "When possible, we are reaching out to, for us, new growers. Many are very positive, while a few others are somewhat reluctant initially before running into obstacles and then reaching out to us to also get their productions running better."

Close cooperation
Agortus works closely with some vertical farms today, screening seed lots and varieties. "It has been said a number of times: Agortus can really make the difference for the vertical farmer with their production" It all starts with optimal seed making a major impact on farmers and their businesses. "This is all thanks to us having a good understanding of the production system, the marketplace, the business, and of course, the seeds."

Lowering and avoiding risks
Besides supplying seeds, Agortus also consults farmers and growers. Help with lowering risks, optimize production and avoid major hurdles. "It's such a waste of time. Every farmer is going through the same challenges, making similar mistakes and losing resources", says Olof.

It is much in finding the right seed. "We are often in a close dialog and work closely with our customers. We always strive to find the right seed for the grower, such as the right variety, right batch, right quality, and right maturity."

A large number of enterprises are coming into the segment, notes Olof, especially in the traditional market in the Nordics and central Europe. Today, Agortus is selling seeds and advises more than 40 companies. Not only beginners but also larger-sized companies in several countries in central and northern Europe. "We always welcome new partners on our success train. Let's build a better world", summarizes Olof at Agortus in Sweden.

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