Canobi AgTech announces their partnership with Spanish lighting manufacturer Grow The Jungle. Grow The Jungle is a premiere supplier of quantum LED grow lamps to the indoor farming market. Their lamps provide an almost complete spectrum that allows plants to develop fully regardless of the phase of growth. Grow The Jungle’s LED lighting technology is supremely efficient, providing better performance while producing less heat, thus giving energy savings that reduce costs.

Canobi’s advanced monitoring and automation technologies can integrate Grow The Jungle quantum LED lights seamlessly into any indoor farming operation. Canobi’s AGRP™ (Agricultural Resource Planning) technology manages all aspects of indoor farming operations, maximizing crop yields while minimizing energy inputs. Keeping energy costs low both helps to make indoor farms profitable and protect the environment. Canobi AgTech empowers indoor farmers to monitor, analyze, and make data-driven farming and business decisions. Canobi AgTech and Grow The Jungle are proud to be working together to advance indoor farming technologies around the world.

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