Many probably thought that brown boxes made of cardboard are more sustainable than plastic containers. However, Madar Farms is here to demonstrate the other side of the story with its new packaging.

It's been a long two-year journey until they landed its new packs. The company has investigated all the possible options out there the Madar way. From virgin materials to fully recycled containers, the one option that ticked all the boxes was the rPET packaging.

What does rPET stand for? Recycled polyethylene terephthalate is a food-safe material created from existing PET plastic that was collected and recycled into new plastic that's ready to be used again (in other words, recycled and recyclable).

The new packaging

Cardboard vs. rPET 
Cardboard certainly seemed like the more sustainable option; however, it was not. Although the material itself (cardboard) was created from recycled material, it was also coated with a plastic lining on the inside (to hold the pack and maintain its shape), which meant that the boxes were not technically recyclable.

As for the new rPET packs, they are made from recycled plastics and are continuously recyclable. To answer the main question, the new packs are not considered single-use plastic; in fact, the 'r' in 'rPET' reiterates the sustainability aspect.

The packaging change was also due to the fact that they didn't allow the greens to be at their best for a long time. The new packs, on the other hand, will allow a longer shelf-life due to the sealable covers and their ability to reduce humidity levels inside the packs. 

A step forward
Madar's new rPET packs could be upcycled in any shape or form, and the quality will persist, unlike the cardboard packs that were not recyclable (given the material used to create them) and were barely up-cyclable. 

"We are proud to be the first farm in the UAE to use rPET packs; high quality and sustainability have always been and will always be at the forefront of our standards, from the way we grow to the way we pack and deliver," the team said. 

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