Urban Crop Solutions and Siemens Financial Services have launched a program whereby, under certain conditions, customers of Urban Crop Solutions can benefit from a financing option offered by Siemens Financial Services.

Customers that have a sound financial track will be able to benefit from this new service, jointly offered together with Siemens Financial Services (SFS). 

“Finding the right financing for innovative and ambitious projects is not always evident for our clients. This cooperation with Siemens Financial Services, therefore, will further accelerate the global growth of our business,” explains Jean-Pierre Coene, CEO of Urban Crop Solutions.

Soon available globally
Urban Crop Solutions (UCS) supplies end-to-end growth solutions to the global vertical farming market. The financing offer is currently limited to the countries where SFS is active today. This, however, is expected to change as SFS is rapidly rolling out its services across the globe and is to eventually reach all countries where UCS is active in.

“Our aim, however, is not to coerce young companies into an ‘easy financing’ scheme. Our business model has always been to assess the feasibility of all projects prior to proceeding with a sale. And this is the same principle that both we and Siemens are applying with this financing model. Therefore, it will still be necessary to prove a sound and feasible business model to be eligible for this scheme. Our aim is simply to lower the barrier to our technology and industry”, Jean-Pierre added.  

Meeting similar goals
“Almost all of Urban Crop Solutions’ projects meet the criteria for projects that Siemens Financial Services is willing to finance. Those being: industrial transformation, smart infrastructure, and the future of healthcare,” explains Christian Vermersch, Account Manager at Siemens Financial Services.

“All of Urban Crop Solutions’ products contain Siemens’ components inside, which was an additional important consideration when forming this partnership with Urban Crop Solutions for the indoor vertical farming market.”

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