“We haven’t identified an equipment producer yet that offers the same flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency as we do. Therefore, we believe that even if large parts of the machinery in our systems do already exist, our approach and business model make Avisomo’s value proposition rather unique,” says Endre Harnes, Chief commercial officer with Avisomo.

Endre Harnes

Avisomo, a Norwegian vertical farm supplier, offers a full-on automated vertical farming solution. A range of robots, trolleys, and modular irrigation systems allow the plants to grow autonomously without the interaction of any human. Applying industry standards in every component, Avisomo is able to customize and optimize their systems for growers to allow a stable reduction in CapEx, OpEx, and eventually proper ROI.

Currently, Avisomo has delivered its solutions to six farms in Norway. These smaller-scaled growers are producing lettuce and microgreens. As Endre puts it, the system is automated and ready to be launched at a large scale where they are most needed.

Automation and flexibility
Due to automation, Endre points out that the Avisomo system allows growers to be very flexible in crop variety, lighting, and software. For instance, swapping crops is not an issue without having to change the entire infrastructure around it. Besides that, farmers can grow multiple crops simultaneously in one cultivation area if they’d like to.

“Basically, any wish a grower has, we can almost always guarantee to solve. The level of our modularity and non-linear production is so similar to the traditional food industry. As far as I know, I haven’t seen this technology implemented into any large-scale vertical farm yet.”  

New R&D facility
Within the next six months, the company will build a large-scale, automated R&D facility next to Gardermoen International Airport in their native Norway. In order to do that, the team is about to secure its first international contracts as well to allow system delivery and collaborations. After that, even more will be introduced.

Scaling internationally
“Norway is and has always been a great playground for us. With its flat structures, great public funding schemes for startups and well-developed industries in agriculture and hardware production.” That’s why the company first stayed under the radar, perfecting its systems domestically.

Due to the growing interest in their technology, the company is ready for the next step. “As companies and investors have clearly pointed out that there’s more to our technology, we want to introduce it beyond Norway.”

At this point, Avisomo is ready to expand and looking for international investors and aspiring vertical farm operators planning to build facilities who are willing to collaborate. “Our systems can be delivered flat-packed and be assembled by just about anyone. We’re born global and easy to deploy, without having to compromise on the quality of our hardware.”

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Endre Harnes, Chief commercial officer