Dmitrij Lipovsky, director and founder of GreeenTech, describes what their company offers in terms of indoor farms, nurseries, and where they want to go from here.

What captured the interest of Radisson Blue in Dubai?
In February 2020, Dmitrij went on vacation to Dubai, where he had the chance to meet the management and visit the EXPO and the Czech Spring Pavilion, including a sustainability zone. 

At that moment, Dmitrij did not hesitate and offered to display our farm Urbanio, which was kindly accepted by the EXPO 2020 and will soon on display there. "I dare to say that our farm was a proof of concept at the time, that's probably why we managed to sign a pilot project in the Radisson Blu hotel chain in Dubai."

Dmitrij notes that GreeenTech will definitely add some more hotels to their supply range, and eventually expand within the area, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and eventually Saudi Arabia. 

Manifesto market, Prague
The company presented its GreeenBox container farm in Manifesto. "In October, we'll be growing at full speed, and we have already managed to grow several tons of leafy vegetables, which we continued to distribute within Prague. Manifesto is an interesting concept in the center of Prague and I think there was no better place to present our container technology than in the container gastro town." 

Rolling out orders 
Besides commercial sites, the company has various installations coming up in the fall where customers can find at least one of them in the Westfield Chodov shopping center in Prague. Besides that, the company will be installing its Urbanio indoor farms in offices of multinationals as Veolia or Siemens, but these are more private orders.

Source: Metro CZ