The Young Sing family is known for the mass manufacturing of fixtures for every room of people's homes and have been in that business since 1973. Christian Young Sing, the grandson of Patrick Young Sing, owner and founder of Beta Homes and Patrick Young Sing and Co Ltd., has taken another route.

He has college diplomas in fisheries and aquaculture and business management completed at Vancouver Island University, British Columbia and Conestoga College, Ontario, Canada, respectively. 

He then ventured into food production and now provides restaurants and groceries with freshly grown, healthy and organic herbs. He sells his produce under the commercial name Crisp and offers herbs such as baby arugula, micro-greens, basil and mint.

Young Sing, 36, uses hydroponics to produce these herbs for mass production, but his company – Epilimnion Aquaculture Ltd in Cascade – was not launched to provide TT with these herbs. Before transforming his company to use the hydroponics system and produce herbs solely, he had a fish farm that used a re-circulating tank system to spawn tilapia.

After having consultations with the Institute of Marine Affairs on a feasibility study, he determined that a small aquaculture farm would not be successful. "It was decided that there was more economic opportunity in the production of plant-based crops than in the production of tilapia due to the limited demand in the local market for tilapia and the high capital and operational costs associated with running an aquaculture facility." 

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