When Rebecca Mees and her family were living in Hawaii, she said they were looking for greens, such as lettuce, that were not made or treated with pesticides. However, that proved to be a challenge, as they couldn’t find any. Therefore, the family decided to begin growing and selling their own.

Upon moving to Pittsburgh, Mees said she and her husband began experimenting with indoor growing until they succeeded. Mees said when her parents moved to the area from Hawaii, they bought a building together in Ambridge and officially sell their greens on a larger scale. The business, Lettuce Ladies which was founded in 2017, is primarily comprised of Mees and her parents, John and Cathleen St. George. The family-owned business specialies in hydroponic lettuce and microgreens. 

After selling to local restaurants, Mees said the business has expanded to sell at different local stores after five years, such as T-Bones Marketplace in the Wexford area and select Giant Eagle Market District stores. “We’re looking to grow more of our wholesale side of the business, that seemed to really help us during COVID,” Mees said. “We’re just continuing to grow in that direction.” 

Mees said the business had essentially run out of space for its greens, as the business continues to expand. Therefore, after looking for a bigger space to grow their products, they eventually found the space they were looking for the building of the Ridge Road School in Economy. 

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