Besides the interest of conscious eaters, chefs, hipsters and millennials now producers of soap, essential oils, medicinal plants and beer are looking into CEA. 

Due to the high control and great outcomes, 100% Livre, a vertical farm in Brazil, attracted the attention of giant Ambev. Ambev is a Brazilian brewing company now merged into Anheuser-Busch InBev. 

Aiming at business expansion, Diego Gomes, founder of 100% Livre, is now set to develop his technology through his investment and the latest funding addition of R$10 million from last February. As a result, the company expanded its sprout labs, automated operations and AI technology. 

Currently, Diego and his team are researching four different hop varieties for the multinational. He gives away that these varieties all give a longer freshness to the beer and an additional aroma and bitterness. 

Today, the farm produces 40 tons of lettuce per month. With the opening of its newest plant this year, it will triple the current capacity. Meaning, that the capacity increase would leave lots of room for the new project and allows them to grow hundred of tons of hops for the brewery. 

Source: NEO Feed