A Japanese airline has recently introduced a range of inflight meals containing crushed cricket powder in order to promote food sustainability. Crickets are nutritious and relatively popular as street food in some parts of Asia, but the reason for this airline menu change is that crickets have a much lower carbon footprint than conventional meals offered by airlines.

Japanese budget airline Zipair, a subsidiary of national carrier Japan Airlines that is based at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport, is now taking reservations for two inflight meals that are made partly of ground-up crickets. The airline is serving a chili burger with tomato and a pasta dish, both of which include crushed cricket powder.

Zipair partnered with food technology company Gryllus to serve up the unusual meals. And while they are still reviewing customer feedback, the airline said it has received over 60 purchase orders for the two dishes since they were introduced in July. So far, those flying internationally from Japan can choose the cricket-based menu options.

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