Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) celebrated the first harvest from its hydroponic farm on its rooftop, an initiative achieved through a partnership with The Green Attap. The initiative is also in line with KLCC's ongoing sustainability effort to reduce carbon footprint and to provide healthy food to meetings and events delegates and guests.

The Green Attap is an urban farming solutions company based in Kuala Lumpur to set up and maintain the farm on its rooftop. "Green Attap is the perfect partner to help us with this initiative as we align our sustainable goals and vision. "Sustainability is a primary business focus for us. We have a task force that constantly looks for ways to maximize our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, addressing the impacts of climate change.

"As part of that, the farm on our rooftop is our latest initiative. We have been looking forward to the first harvest and bringing these fresh, pesticide-free vegetables from our rooftop directly to delegates' plates," KLCC general manager Alan Pryor said in a statement today.

"As a business events player, we want to provide the thousands of people meeting at our venue daily with healthy food that is free from pesticides," said  KLCC executive chef Hisham Jaafar.

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