Great Northern Products has begun distributing chitosan biostimulant under the name Trichome Mania. 

Over 40 years in the seafood industry working with MSC-certified fisheries left Great Northern in a prime position to branch out from the sea to the soil. Together, with the help of their Chilean business partners, Great Northern Products has begun distributing this valuable agricultural product throughout Chile, Peru, and the United States.

Chitosan is able to be extracted from shell waste created by the seafood industry. The sheer tonnage of waste diverted from landfills is extraordinary and necessary. Chitosan is unique due to its ability to induce the plant's natural defense mechanism known as SAR. SAR triggers a flood of plant growth hormones that are able to be used for additional growth and development that would not otherwise occur. 

Great Northern Products has made themselves available to a range of agronomists and specialty fertilizer companies to begin working on a variety of formulations that incorporate chitosan.

Chitosan has been proven to increase root growth and plant mass, increase size, density, and quality of fruit, increase resistance to fungi, microbes, and pests, and increase tolerance to excessive light, heat, or drought.

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