EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA), a provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics, and UK-based i-Plant Nutrition announce cooperation.

i-Plant Nutrition provides tools for fertilization and irrigation planning — through i-Plant Nutrition and GroPlant — for customers worldwide, including the U.S., Kenya, India, South Africa, and Latin America. The company aims to provide a precision tool capable of supporting crop growers, agronomy, and agriculture companies in creating fertilization plans. Implementing satellite imagery analytics from EOSDA will bring the capability to i-Plant Nutrition’s products to identify field areas with a higher risk of crop diseases or yield loss, nutritional or other surpluses, deficiencies, and plant health issues that wouldn’t be easily visible without satellite-based Earth observation.

Johnathan Kol-Bar, CEO of i-Plant Nutrition, and Diana Mistrova, Business Development Manager at EOS Data Analytics. 

“The cooperation with i-Plant Nutrition will allow us to introduce satellite monitoring tech and the advantages of its adoption to agriculture businesses in the United Kingdom and beyond. Both our companies are committed to introducing sustainable agriculture practices to as many industry players as possible, so we’ll be able to combine our efforts,” notes Diana Mistrova, Business Development Manager at EOS Data Analytics.

Within the cooperation with EOSDA, the company will get the EOS Crop Monitoring API subscription to integrate such features of the EOS Crop Monitoring platform as vegetation indices (NDVI) and weather data into its software.

“i-Plant Nutrition is thrilled to partner with EOS Data Analytics, the company that, like us, is committed to bettering our planet. The collaboration with EOSDA will enable us to streamline our goals to offer i-Plant Nutrition users a seamless experience that will help reduce fertilizer usage, lower outgoing costs, and save our environment,” commented Johnathan Kol-Bar, CEO of i-Plant Nutrition.

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