In LettusGrow's most recent proof of concept trial, research scientists explored growing bush-type chili plants in the LettusGrow aeroponic farm.

They grew three different chili seed varieties, which were propagated in a deep-water culture system until their roots were 2cm long before being moved into the aeroponic systems. Throughout the bush-type explored changing environmental conditions to boost plant growth, encourage fruit ripening and increase the heat of the fruit - to taste, that is. 

Chili plants are self-pollinating, which means the plants form flowers with both male and female organs, so no natural or artificial pollinating agents are needed - like how a bumblebee might pollinate a flower, for example. This means chili plants are well suited to be grown in a closed indoor farming environment since no extra effort is required to make sure that the flowers are being pollinated.

The first trials were successful, and the researchers were able to grow delicious chilies from seed completely indoors. On average, it took around four months for the first fully ripe fruits to develop.

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