Pindfresh, an agtech based in India, is on a mission to introduce hydroponic farming to start a farming revolution in the country. As a lot of soil is being depleted and highly contaminated with pesticides, Somveer Anand and his wife are vowing to change the way of farming.

Together, they want to make people aware of what they eat. For Somveer and his wife, Sohila Anand, the idea to launch Pindfresh was very much based on a personal experience that he had after one of his close relatives fell ill due to the consumption of chemical-loaded food. 

The agritech startup Pindfresh is turning small plots or spaces between buildings or in buildings into usable farm space. From rooftop gardens to floors specifically designed to incorporate farming to other spaces within high-rises filled with racks of perfectly lined leaf vegetables, it is striving to bring about a farming revolution in urban India. 

In this video, Medicircle, a platform that highlights startups that aim to create a healthcare ecosystem, interviewed Pindfresh. Have a look at the interview below: