Albert will become the first retailer in the Czech Republic, according to Greeen.Tech, to grow its greens right in-store. The novelty was designed in cooperation with Czech start-up Greeen.Tech and can be found in Prague's Chodov hypermarket. The Albert divisionary plans to test operations next month. The product range includes basil, dill, mint, or red salad. 

"Herbs will grow in our store thanks to this hydroponic technology, which allows us to provide organic products. Customers will be able to purchase the freshest herbs possible, grown directly on the spot. This is just another innovation that we are trying to offer customers in order to tackle local, fresh food production," statesJiří Mareček, director of communications for Albert stores. 

Dmitry Lipovsky, founder of Greeen.Tech notes, "We offer customers super local and fresh crops that are not only sustainably grown with regards to saving carbon footprint, space, and water, but also taste great. I am very happy that it was Albert who made it possible for us to turn the concept of cultivation in the store into a real project."

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