The South Carolina Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics has hired Matthew Myers to serve as its new Hydroponic Research Lab manager. The Hydroponic Research Lab is the first-ever advanced research lab coming to GSSM, and it will allow high-density growing without the use of pesticides or disturbed land, and it uses less labor, chemicals, and water than traditional growing methods.

“The Hydroponics Lab will be a hands-on teaching tool that provides an intersection across many different disciplines such as biology, chemistry, botany, environmental science, computer science, engineering, robotics, and economics,” Myers said. “I can’t wait to see what amazing research projects our students produce with this technology.”

Myers looks to develop and implement an immersive and interdisciplinary hydroponics research program that builds on the legacy research played throughout GSSM’s history. Myers hopes to create unique, hands-on research opportunities for GSSM students, using this technology to benefit research already being conducted in the STEM fields, as well as helping solve real problems in our state and beyond.

“We are thrilled to have Matt Myers join the GSSM team,” said Josh Witten, GSSM director of research. “Matt brings experience with agriculture, forestry, and the use of new technology while working with some of South Carolina’s leading researchers and institutions. This combination will allow GSSM students to engage in projects that contribute to the research community in ways that are not normally available to high school students.”

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