Danish food tech company Agtira AB and Coop Nord have signed a letter of intent for Agtira to establish an Agtira Greens greenhouse in Umeå. When the plans become a reality, Coop's stores in Umeå could become completely self-sufficient in cucumbers and herbs.

For Agtira, the agreement is an important breakthrough, as it marks the first time it has signed an agreement with Coop Nord. So far, customers have been individual ICA Maxi stores in Sweden, such as Sundsvall, Östersund, Skellefteå, and Haninge. It is also the first time that Agtira signs an agreement with a chain that has several stores in the same location.

Coop and Agtira will now investigate possible locations together. Negotiations will begin shortly, with the aim of the parties reaching a solution by the end of 2022. "We and Coop Nord have the same positive attitude and expect our discussions to lead to a final agreement once all the details have been resolved," comments Christer Edblad, former CEO of Agtira.

"Agtira Greens," which is now planned for Umeå, involves the construction of a large cultivation facility. Inside, tons of vertically grown cucumbers will be produced - to be sold in Coop Nord's stores in Umeå. "We expect that the production will make us completely self-sufficient in these vegetables. This could be a big step in our sustainability work," says Henrik Skyttberg, CEO of Coop Nord.

Source: www.agtira.com