A striking, gold inflatable house designed to “withstand life on Mars” has landed in Bristol. Its lightweight design can withstand the environmental challenges life on Mars would bring and is powered by solar panels.

The Martian House is a temporary installation in place until October, and it brings together artists, scientists, architects, engineers, and the public.

In another video, organic artist Katy Connor talks about which plants were chosen to grow in the hydroponic living room and why. She chose to grow an aromatic selection of plants, including herbs for tea and dyes. She says that the idea was not just to think about plants as something we eat and use but to consider how we live with plants.

Visit the Building A Martian House website for more details about this exciting project. And this article from Dezeen has some good images and includes details of the floor plans and layout.

Read the complete article at www.theunconventionalgardener.com.