In the National Start-up Awards series, Sheffield-based start-Up District Eating Limited was presented with the Best Green Start-up award. The award highlights the achievements of start-up businesses across the UK and acknowledges the talent, drive and ambition it takes to found a business.

District Eating was chosen as the winner by a panel of judges who have all taken the same risk in founding and growing their own businesses. This was the first year of the start-up awards throughout the UK after its success previously in Wales. These awards began through a collaboration of founders from The Great British Entrepreneur Awards. 

This award highlights District Eating's efforts to make a difference in the way we consume food in the UK. With unpredictable weather patterns, rising energy prices, and excessive imports, District Eating is helping to provide a solution that combats these challenges. District Eating study and model the use of waste heat, CO2, and renewable energy to power horticulture projects. This consultancy work helps to create low-carbon ways of growing food and flowers year-round. District Eating's solution allows growers to produce local, low-carbon food in the UK and reduce reliance on unpredictable energy prices from fossil fuel companies.

The team

Low-carbon greenhouses
The start-up develops horticulture projects that utilize waste heat and CO2 and maximize social benefits using greenhouses. "I always hoped the concept behind District Eating would grow and prove viable, and thanks to the dedication of our team here and support from clients, associates, and friends, we are making low-carbon greenhouses come to life. Many thanks to the National Start-Up Awards for believing in us and our mission. It is wonderful to be recognized with this award," says Faye Tomson, Founder, and Director of District Eating. 

Professor Dylan Jones-Evans, the founder of the National Start-up Awards, said, "I am delighted that District Eating was selected as the best green start-up for North East England, Yorkshire, and the Humber. As we have seen in the last few months, food security and sustainability are both keys to the future of the UK economy, and this amazing new business is going to make an incredible contribution to this agenda now and in the future. I look forward to seeing the business go from strength to strength over the next few years."

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