St├ęphane Barbero was working in the field of horticultural lighting when he had the idea of founding an urban farm. In June 2021, he created Urban Bio Farm, an indoor urban farm in La Seyne-sur-Mer, specializing in the vertical cultivation of microgreens under horticultural LEDs.

"Urban Bio Farm is an indoor farm that grows vertically under LED lighting. I chose vertical agriculture because it allows me to maximize and optimize space. Indeed, microgreens are inevitably destined to be grown above ground and in pots. We specialize in the cultivation of unusual plants: rare herbs from Asia, plants with a taste of passion fruit, licorice, Mexican basil, microfoams with an oyster taste, and so on." 

In creating this farm, St├ęphane challenged himself to master all aspects of the job. "I designed all the lighting and made sure to use less energy by using the latest generation of energy-efficient LED chips. I also set up a system of recovery of ambient humidity and evaporation from the plants, as well as a water filtration system to purify it. I assemble my own substrate and we do not use fertilizers, our plants are nourished and grow thanks to the nutrients and life present in the soil that we promote with the help of amendments and certified organic microbial preparations."