JPFA is organizing a strawberry course for plant factories with articficial lighting. The course will be online and will take place from Oct. 13-31, 2022. Applications are now welcome. 

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Lecturers and professionals with a wide range of knowledge about strawberries from the Ohio State University, Chiba University, Meiji University, a strawberry PFAL, a seedling company, and the JPFA will present lectures, case studies, and the question-and-answer session.

The core topics of the Strawberry Course are:

  • The current situation on strawberry production in PFALs in Japan and the world
  • Physiology of strawberries
  • Strawberry production compared to the leafy green production in PFALs
  • Keys to strawberry cultivation management in PFALs
  • Case study: Strawberry production in a test facility in the Kashiwanoha campus
  • Case study: Strawberry seedling company, introducing the seed-propagated cultivars
  • Challenges and future development of strawberry production and breeding for PFALs

All lectures are pre-recorded, and participants can view lecture videos at their convenience during the course period. A live question-and-answer session will be held in late October to clear questions and deepen participants’ understanding. The time required to view all lecture videos will be about 6 hours and 1 hour for the live Q&A session.

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