With the help of The Ganesha Lab, a global scale-up for science and technology-based startups, the Chilean startup Farmtastica developed a technology that allows building modular farms in a controlled environment to grow vegetables on a commercial scale and is already in practice on some parts of Santiago, offering basil and lettuce and hoping to expand the variety of products in the near future.

The startup builds the modules from a system of vertical hydroponics towers, LED lights, air and water pumps, as well as a temperature and humidity control system, all controlled by software that automates the process, making it possible to optimize resources and reduce pollutants.

As Eduardo Vásquez, one of the founders of the startup, states, the flavor of the vegetables grown in Farmtastica's systems is similar to those planted in the ground and ensures the "farm to table" concept.

Source: www.america-retail.com.