Sahyadri Farms Post Harvest Care Limited raised Rs3.1 bln growth capital from a group of impact-focused investors. Incofin, Korys, FMO, and Proparco see Sahyadri Farms as well-placed to help farmers run their businesses in a more profitable and sustainable way. Sahyadri Farms is a good example of rural entrepreneurship providing end-to-end solutions to small and marginal farmers.

In 2010 a group of 10 farmers took the initiative to collectively produce and export fresh grapes to Europe. That initiative has grown into the leading fruits and vegetable export and processing company that Sahyadri Farms is today, servicing over 18,000 farmers, covering more than 31,000 acres and 9 crops.

The company walks with its farmers from their choice of crops to the farming practices they employ, from the inputs they use to how they harvest and sell their agricultural products. The company, for example, offers a digital platform that informs farmers on high-yield crop varieties, farm inputs, real-time climate information, and access to the marketplace.