In vertical farming, it is crucial to consistently combat pathogens without reducing the quality of the produced goods due to residues of the cleaners and disinfectants used as producers and manufacturers of foodstuffs such as vegetables and herbs. Each farm is responsible for its own food safety.

For parts of horticultural production, the only disinfectant approved as a plant protection product is MENNO Florades®, which is based on benzoic acid. The active ingredient benzoic acid is a legitimate preservative with up to 9g/kg of food. It is frequently used in food processing and is comparatively harmless compared to other active ingredients of disinfectants.

Torsten Scherweit and Christian Eidam, of Menno Chemie

Furthermore, benzoic acid is stable enough to have a long-lasting effect over several hours. Thus, the disinfectant can kill fungal spores and prevent the formation of new bacteria, such as listeria, with lower concentrations. In this respect, longer efficacy has the advantage of a lower risk potential for the active ingredient compared to concepts that are fast-acting but only effective in the short term.

Comprehensive efficacy
In the areas of marketing and processing, a suitable product based on benzoic acid is also available from MENNO Chemie-Vertrieb Ltd. A-QUASAN® is listed in the database of approved biocide products for the food sector. A-QUASAN can be washed off without any restrictions when used properly, and it can be discharged into the facility's approved drainage system.

The maximum number of applications per day is limited by the exposure times recommended for the target organisms. This means the product can be used against bacteria every 5 minutes, up to 12 times per hour, and up to 96 times in an 8-hour workday. The shelf life of the concentrate is five years.

By using MENNO Florades or A-QUASAN, growers will ensure their production and food safety throughout the production process without any residue contamination. Both products are FiBL listed. With the decontamination of all surfaces, trays, boxes, machines, and production equipment, sorting and marketing vegetables and herbs with the active ingredient benzoic acid means using an approved and effective disinfectant.

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