Sollum Technologies has expanded its lighting family, which now features three new fixtures: the SF-ONE, the SF-PRO, and the SF-MAX. Designed to accommodate various lighting strategies, these new LED fixtures will meet the diverse needs of a rapidly growing clientele, from large-scale to niche producers.

"Building on the adoption and success of the recent years, we designed a portfolio of smart lighting solutions to accommodate everyone's journey and accelerate the passage to dynamic lighting," says co-founder and CEO of Sollum Technologies, Louis Brun.

The company's new fixtures are backed by dynamic capabilities and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven functionality to grow any crop, anywhere in the world, year-round.

Additionally, all products come bundled with the SUN as a Service cloud-based platform, as well as access to Sollum's smart support so that clients can reap all the benefits of a fully dynamic lighting solution. Each fixture responds to growers' business priorities:

  • The SF-ONE is the ideal fixture for those who prefer a simpler approach to lighting and who prioritize maximum energy efficiency in large-scale greenhouses.
  • The SF-PRO balances efficiency and flexibility; it was designed for producers whose priorities combine maximizing yield, desired produce quality, and characteristics and who are looking to consistently address the evolving demands of consumers.
  • Finally, the SF-MAX is the ultimate in dynamic lighting - designed for producers who seek crop perfection and require maximum flexibility from their lights.

This highly anticipated product expansion will, once again, raise the bar for truly dynamic lighting solutions: fixtures capable of ambient light compensation, real-time intensity and spectral modulation, multi-zone management, and 100% programmability.

Additional information is available on Sollum's website, where interested growers are encouraged to check out the specifications of each lighting fixture to assess which is the best fit for them. To find out more about how Sollum Technologies is setting the standard in the horticultural lighting industry, visit the team at booth 2007 during the 2022 Canadian Greenhouse Conference this coming October 5 and 6 in Niagara Falls, Ontario (Canada).

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