Agriculture is currently the biggest industry in Ohio, with almost 77,000 farms. Secretary of State Frank LeRose knows this, which is why this month, as part of the Ohio Business Spotlight, he highlighted seven unique businesses in the agriculture industry. One of the businesses recognized was Grahams Greens of Chillicothe.

“Working on a farm taught me valuable life lessons, such as work ethic and grit,” said LaRose. “Ohioans are known for these values, and they’re exemplified in our agricultural community. They are traditions that will be passed on from generation to generation as Ohio’s small family farms continue to feed and support our great state.”

Grahams Greens is an urban farm and store that specializes in salad greens and microgreens. These crops are grown on less than an acre of land by using growing practices such as raised beds, vertical farming, and hydroponics. The goal of urban farming is to have the most production possible while having the least environmental impact possible.

Urban gardening also helps highlight how anyone can be a gardener no matter how much space they have. Graham Matter, owner, and operator of Grahams Greens, noted how it can be hard to be a farmer these days since many farms are run by bigger companies with hundreds of acres of land. He enjoys showing people how they too can become a farmer with just a little space.

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