If you’re a grower or producer who wants to explore how to create optimal growing conditions for your crops using technology, this new report is for you.

More and more growers and producers who want to optimize crop production explore controlled environment agriculture (CEA). CEA is a technology-based approach that includes semi and fully-enclosed growing structures like greenhouses and vertical farms.

This new report explores the pros and cons of CEA so you can make informed decisions before you decide to adopt this approach to crop production.

The report highlights key findings from discussions with experts in the UK, Iceland, and Ireland. It explores opportunities, including the move towards urban growing systems as well as diversification for rural producers in North-West Europe.

It also brings into focus the barriers to controlled environment agriculture in urban, semi-rural, and rural areas.

The report also comes with a booklet with advice for producers who are considering adopting CEA systems, including where to find funding and support.

“Barriers & opportunities for controlled environment agriculture in North-West Europe”  is published by EIT Food North-West in collaboration with Innovate UK KTN. 

Download the free report here.